The team

Research Group on Adolescent Health (GRSA)

The Research Group on Adolescent Health (GRSA) is part of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and Lausanne University (UNIL). It produces quantitative, qualitative and clinical studies focused on adolescents, young adults and their entourage.

Research Head
Professor Joan-Carles Suris

Professor Joan-Carles Suris’s studies concentrate on 4 axes. First, adolescents and young adults with chronic illness. For this theme, his research focuses both on risk behaviors and on transition from pediatric to adult care. He is also interested in substance misuse (e.g. tobacco and cannabis) including use of young athletes. Sexual behaviors are also part of his work (e.g. unwanted sexual experiences and sexual dysfunctions). Finally, new addictions such as gambling and problematic Internet use are current study subjects. 

Research Manager
Dr Christina Akré

Christina Akré holds a PhD in Life Sciences and a Master’s degree in Anthropology and Sociology. She leads studies on adolescents health in the GRSA for many years with a specific expertise on transition from pediatric to adult care, adolescents with chronic illness and their family, sexuality and substance use among adolescents and young adults. 

Research Manager
Yara Barrense-Dias

Yara Barrense-Dias holds a Master’s degree of Law in Criminal Justice, subject area Criminology and Security from the University of Lausanne. Her studies in the GRSA focus on the following fields: Internet use, substance use, violence, gambling and sexual behaviors among adolescents and young adults. She is particularly interested in a new phenomenon: the sexting. 

Professor André Berchtold

André Berchtold is an associate statistician Professor in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in the University of Lausanne. He is also member of  the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR)-LIVES and collaborates with the GRSA for a long time. Its expertise field covers longitudinal analyses, surveys and statistics associated to health.