Current studies

Chronic@Home: A pre-post interventional study for parents of adolescents with chronic conditions. Financed by the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (2017-2019), the primary objective of this study is to bring peer support to parents of adolescents/young adults with chronic conditions through an online social media intervention/Mobile Application called Chronic@Home in order to facilitate the psychosocial process of transition towards autonomy. For information and participation contact:

Children’s At Home: A social media website for peer support during transition for parents of adolescent cancer survivors. A collaboration with Dr Gisela Michel from the Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy of the University of Luzern and Dr Maya Beck Popovic, Head of the Pediatric Oncology Unit of the Lausanne University Hospital. Financed by the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+).

Cohort study on substance use risk factors (C-SURF). In collaboration with the Service d’Alcoologie, Lausanne University Hospital. Financed by the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (since 2010)

Etude longitudinale sur les jeunes et les jeux d’argent en Suisse romande (GenerationFRee). Financed by the Canton of Fribourg and the Programme Intercantonal de Lutte contre la Dépendance au Jeu (PILDJ) (since 2014)

La sexualité à l’ère numérique: le sexting et les adolescents 2.0. In collaboration with the Violence Medical Unit (Dre Nathalie Romain-Glassey), University Centre of Legal Medicine (CURML). First part financed by the Departement Universitaire de Médecine Sociale et Communautaire (DUMSC) (2017-2018)

RheumAdo. In collaboration with CHU Lyon, France (Dr. Jean-Paul Larbre, Dr. Alexandre Belot) and Department of Pediatics, Lausanne University Hospital (Prof. Michael Hofer) (since 2014)

Sexual health and behavior of young people in Switzerland. In collaboration with Institut des Sciences Sociales & NCCR LIVES, Université de Lausanne (Prof. André Berchtold, Dr. Davide Morselli) and Clinic for Reproductive Endocrinology, University Hospital Zurich (Prof. Brigitte Leeners). Financed by Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (2016-2018)